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Laws and Regulations Database of the Central Bank of the Republic of China-Circulars


Summary:Please adjust and report the special reserve requirement in accordance with Open new window for Chinese

Ref. No:99.12.30Tai-Yang-Ye-Tze No. 0990062027 circular

Please adjust and report the special reserve requirement in accordance with 
the "Special Reserve Requirement for New Taiwan Dollar Demand Deposits" 
announced by the Bank, effective from January 1, 2011.

 1. Please see the Announcement of the Bank Tai-Yang-Ye-Tze No. 0990062020 dated 
  December 30, 2010.
 2. The term "overseas Chinese, foreign nationals and Mainland China investors" 
  as used in the aforementioned announcement refer to overseas Chinese and 
  foreign nationals, foreign institutional and Mainland China investors that 
  invest in securities in Taiwan in accordance with the "Regulations Governing
  Investment in Securities by Overseas Chinese" and the "Operation Directions
  for Applications by Overseas Chinese, Foreign Nationals, and Mainland China
  Investors for Registration to Invest in Domestic Securities or Trade Domestic
 3. The original Reserve Adjustment Form submitted according to the regular reserve
  ratios will remain unchanged. But for reporting the additional reserve requirement
  for the aforementioned demand deposits in compliance with the aforementioned 
  announcement, please submit in addition the following forms starting February 2011
  (for the data of calculation and maintenance period in January 2011):
  (1) Reserve Adjustment Form for NTD Demand Deposits of "Overseas Chinese, Foreign
    Nationals, Foreign Institutional and Mainland China Investors" (Attachment 1);
  (2) Calculation Sheet of Reserve Requirement and Reserves Accounts B (Attachment 2).
 4. Starting from the date financial institutions report on reserves for January 2011
  (within six business days after the end of the maintenance period), a zero 
  remuneration rate will be applied to those funds originating from the 
  aforementioned demand deposits in reserves accounts B held with the Bank.