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Laws and Regulations Database of the Central Bank of the Republic of China-Security


Welcome to the Central Bank's information network! Our security measures ensure that you can avail of our services without any risk to matters of confidentiality.

Accessing personal data
You will be asked to provide some personal data whenever you do a search or access some services. That data will be protected by legally established measures and will not be given to any third party. Moreover, when you use this website, the following information will be recorded: date, the page accessed, your website address, search engine and actions (e.g. downloads) and finally if you succeeded in those actions. This information might be used to improve the efficiency of this website and monitor any actions that may result in an overload.

Information security
This website has a firewall, an attack warning and anti-virus systems. Upon entry to this website, a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is activated during data transmission, protecting any data contained in this website and securing your confidentiality.

Data Transmission and Email
You can subscribe to receive by email information about this website. You can cancel your subscription through this website. If you send us an email, please be advised that no protective systems have been installed for email messages. If your message contains information such as your bank account number, ID number, etc. you may want to send them by registered mail.

Safeguard your password
Please safeguard your password and do not reveal it to anybody else in order to protect your rights.